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Saturday, February 21, 2009

And so we are 3

Have I really been doing this for three years? Considering I reckon my prose is dull and I thought I'd abandon it within a week I am frankly amazed.

Anyway I headed off to East Essex today. I stopped first at Abberton Reservoir, I didn't go in to the Nature Reserve but had a look from the two causeways, highlights were a drake Smew and two Redhead females, ruddy duck and lots of Goldeneye.

I reckon there are a few escapes in the pics!

I moved on to the Essex Wildlife Trust reserve at Fingringhoe Wick. There were some nice birds about but they were distant, they included Golden Plover, Dunlin, Brent Geese, Avocet, Stonechat, Little Grebe and Red Legged Partridge.

A mass of Avocet.

One of five Red Legged Partridge

Curlew in flight

I thought I'd show you one of Essex's best small churches St Michael & All Angels.

but before I got inside I noticed....

snowdrops. I'd been promising OC for ages some pics.

Hang on what's that amongst the Snowdrops?

A bumble bee!! (I had seen other bees today but this was the first bumble.

Anyway lets go in. The Wall Paintings are Medieval and were restored by the Victorians.

and the weather was lovely!!


Anonymous said...

Once again Pete, great photo's.
Love the Snow-Goose, and the Red-Breasted Goose. That Bumble-bee was well spotted amungst the snowdrops. As for the church paintings, well they are superb. Looks like you had an all round great day.


Kate said...

Congratulations! It takes some staying power to keep blogging for this long - most ppl give up in the first 3 months.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Pete. The snow drops are so lovely. I really like the look of them around those headstones. The little church looks lovely inside. The paintings are fabulous. I can't believe you have a picture of a bee already. I'm terrible jealous.

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the yellow flower I wonder. turquis

Tricia said...

The weather really was lovely; and all those snowdrops and a bee - great!

Looks like a good day out.

Pete said...

Turquis - don't know, I'll see if I can find out.

Mary said...

Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary. beautiful snow drops and church.

Pete said...

ta mary

turquis - winter aconite

avalon said...

Wow has spring come! agree with oc the snowdrops around the gravestnes were very lovely, swans were pretty good too