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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fish & Chips

I was sitting in the office yesterday when suddenly the aroma of Fish & Chips wafted under my nose. Now there is something about the smell of Fish & Chips from a Chip shop that worms its way into my stomach and says EAT ME!!

Regretabbly Fish & Chips is no longer as popular as it once was. In Britain today we're more interested in the latest ethnic trend. "OOH Tarquin there's a very nice Bolivian takeaway opened in Esher."

Anyway my colleague couldn't finish it and offered it around. Naturally I WANTED it but being the good boy I am I resisted, but it was interesting to see the person volunteering to finish it off was Moroccan and he said he loved Fish & Chips.

To me Fish & Chips is best eaten in the paper and the flavour is enhanced by sitting in a car or on a bench to eat it.

Alas I don't eat it much these days, my last time would have been at Hunstanton with Dave & Joy two years back or on a trip to see the Puffins at Bempton Cliffs. There is someting about sitting in your car looking out to see eating Fish & Chips.


Jan said...

Oooer Pete, I find that hard to believe - you've not eaten fish and chips for THAT long???? Blimey, I reckon I sit in the car and eat some with Emma at least once a month or maybe more...Sit on the harbour at New Quay mostly though if possible. Seen the dolphins twice recently too, lovely it is. *Reminds self must do blog sometime.....*

avalon said...

quite agree nothing like eating them straight out of the paper cor !! my tummy is rumbling now whats for lunch ooh boring soup shame i can just taste Rick Steins fish and chips from Padstow have to take you there when you come down!

Tricia said...

It's ages since I've eaten fish and chips like that - I can taste them now!!

What's this with Esher...

And if Jan offers to take you to Rick Steins for fish... oooh lovely

diddums said...

I love fish and chips... hate having to ask for them, though, so I only get them if someone else is ordering. :-)