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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Devloper Wins Conservation Award!!

Now here is a story you don't expect to read! St Modwen Properties plc has won this year's Marsh Award for the Promotion of Lepidoptera.

The developer works with Butterfly Conservation to identify important colonies on sites marked for development. It then ensures their habitat is preserved. In several cases, the company has gone further and created additional new habitat nearby. Locations include:

  • Berryhill a former colliery in Fenton, Stoke on Trent (Dingy Skipper)
  • Long Marston a former MOD site near Stratford-Upon Avon (Grizzled Skipper)
  • Coombs Wood Industrial Estate, a former steelworks in Halesowen (Green Hairstreak)

According to Dr Martin Warren, Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation:
St. Modwen are worthy winners. They have proved that commercial companies and national land developers can also be good conservationists. We congratulate their Chairman, Anthony Glossop, and other senior managers at St Modwen for showing that there can be a win-win situation if conservationists and developers work together.

Well knock me down with a feather and I hope the company does well.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Well done St. Modwen.

There should be legislation that forces every developer to set aside an area for wildlife when land is used for development. Outdoor space is vital for humans as well!