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Monday, December 01, 2008

Comedy - updated a bit

Bolton comic Peter Kay has topped a poll to find Britain's favourite comic. 3000 people were polled and Kay got 63% of the vote.

The top ten were

1. Peter Kay
2. Lee Evans
3. Alan Carr
4. Catherine Tate
5. Dawn French
6. Rowan Atkinson
7. Al Murray
8. Jack Dee
9. Eddie Izzard
10. Frankie Boyle

Now this list looks disappointing to me although I like Atkinson in Blackadder I'm not sure as a standup. Dee is ok and I lurve Frankie Boyle.

However when I saw the least favourite list I had visions of a person in Esher spluttering in disgust.

1. Jo Brand - calm down Trisha!!
2. Jonathan Ross
3. Victoria Wood
4. Ricky Gervais
5. Harry Hill
6. Jimmy Carr
7. Paul Merton
8. Russell Brand
9. Spike Milligan
10. Alan Bennett

Now I can understand Russell Brand and Joanthan Ross but I really like Jo Brand, Jimmy Carr and Paul Merton hey ho no accounting for taste. I was surprised at Victoria Wood.

Where is Michael McIntyre ? Andy Parsons? Hugh Punt? Marcus Brigstocke? David Mitchell?, Dara O'Brian? Rich Hall? As I say no accounting for taste.


Tricia said...

You're right about my reaction Pete! Don't really agree with the poll results and like you, surprised about Rowan Atkinson!

Apart from the great Jo Brand who should definitely be in the first group (*I have to calm down now*), the others that should be there too are Spike Milligan, Victoria Wood and Paul Merton!! I like Alan Bennett too but I think he's an acquired taste!

Liz said...

Lee Evans is second??

I don't think I've ever laughed once at him as a stand up!

Can't say I know anyone that likes him either...

What happened to Billy Connolly, rather famous?? He's probably my favourite of all time.

Peter Kay, hmm prefer Johnny Vegas personally. Like Hary Hill's Tv burp taking the mick out of tv shows, I imagine people that voted against him were all offended that he makes fun of soaps (no, I don't watch any soaps)

Think Alan Carr, Jonathan Woss, Jimmy Carr, Russell Brand (nothing to do with recent happenings either, didn't like either before it) Ricky Gervais are all rubbish.

Eagleseagles said...

I agree Tricia.

But we are not the majority. I have to say a lot of so called comedians leave me cold.
I like witty remarks and a certain zany sense of humour!

Jo Brand, Victoria Wood are class acts!

Jack Dee said...

Glad to see Jack Dee claiming a spot in the top 10, although I thought he would be higher. I guess the fact he hasn't done a lot of stand up lately, concentrating on Lead Balloon instead, has probably harmed him.

Janine said...

I may not be British but I do enjoy British humor. I agree with Peter Kay and Rowan Atkinson being in the top 10, but I cant stand Lee Evans! And where is Bill Bailey!?!

KAZ said...

Who can stand Lee Evans? The man gives me an anxiety attack every time I see him.
Victoria Wood is the best.

Anonymous said...

A very mixed list - I like and dislike people in both the top ten and the bottom ten.

Is Jonathan Ross supposed to be a comic??!! He doesn't make me laugh.