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Saturday, May 17, 2008


We went to Cromer today, it’s another small seaside resort but it always seems less genteel than Hunstanton and Sheringham. The pier is quite famous (I can’t quite remember why!). I tripped at one point, images flashed through my mind of broken cameras and binoculars dad saw me falling flat on my face. As it was I got a foot down, flipping bruised it though so I didn’t do a lot of walking at the next step Felbrigg Hall. Still you’ve seen the pond/lake before.

I’m actually quite pleased with the Blackbird, taken with a travel lens!

As you can see this week I’ve been less “hyperactive” than normal, this does mean I’m getting through the books! Its been an excellent week so far, no rain and as I type Sir is cooking a sirloin steak ;)

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oldcrow61 said...

That rooster...what a guy. Always love to see the beautiful flowers as well.