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Saturday, May 24, 2008

River, Cars and Gardens

What a lovely day, it's a pity the rest of the weekend is meant to be so bad.

I went for a walk along the river first thing. I never expected to see much but saw a Grey Wagtail and BIG surprise a Common Sandpiper.

Then went and picked dad up went and bought a new car (ahem) and then went to Anglesey Abbey. It's a lovely garden and one that is different throughout the seasons.

nice to see some damsels.

all photos taken with a Tamron 18-250 - not ideal for damsels!! But convenient!


oldcrow61 said...

The flowers are fantastic! Those roses are unbelievable, wow. That Pan in the garden is wonderful. You can ship that one over to me, lol. Lovely picture of your dad as well. Great pictures all.

Tricia said...

I really like the two dead trees - nature's own sculptures.

Great pics again :)

digibirder said...

What an impulse buy!! Just like that. Pick up dad and buy new car, then on we go. You can't get away with a throwaway comment like that. What did you get?

The forecast has turned a bit better up this way for the rest of the weekend, so I'll be out testing that lens again. I've put today's results on blog.

Pete said...

its another getz, chilli red!

not really an impulse buy. I wrote the post for effect

Janine said...

Lovely to see your dad. Glad you guys had a fun day out. Really pretty flowers there.

Carin Fuchs said...

Wonderful flower pictures Pete (I admit that I know not only a third by name). I like the Pan sculpture - though the face of that particular one looks more like the face of a Satyr to me. LOL LOL LOL