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Friday, May 30, 2008

Here we go again

Sharon Stone has asked if the earthquake that killed at least 68,000 people in China was bad karma for Beijing policy in Tibet.

I thought, is that karma - when you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?

You what? Now Ms Stone is a Buddhist (a convert - oh don't get me on converts they are always the most fundamentalist and outspoken, whether it be religion, politics or on the brand of camera - I kid you not on the later) and I can't claim to be an expert on Buddhist belief but this strikes as a tad well, daft.

The idea that Chinese policy in Tibet led to a huge wadge of bad Karma falling on a bunch of Chinese people going about there every day lives strikes me as a bit nonsensical.

I could understand if it had an impact on President Hu Jintao but I find it hard to believe the fates would wipe out whole towns to do so. Hell the old testament god eradicated Sodom (well if you believe ... butt thats a different matter), he didn't say right those people in Sodom are nasty I'll eradicate Milton Keynes as a warning.

The earthquake in China or the cyclone in Burma have much to do with environmental factors,
says Dhammadassin a teacher at the London Buddhist Centre.
To invoke karma is more to do with our desire to nail things down and find someone to blame. But that's not ours to do.

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