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Monday, May 19, 2008

10p Tax

I don't normally talk politics but....

Before finally getting his dream job our "beloved" PM reduced income tax from 22p to 20p and removed the 10p rate. I remember at the time thinking this was a bit odd but assumed he had fiddled with something else to offset the low paid. How wrong can I be.

Now as you are all aware this has come back to bite Gordon on the backside. Last week Alistair Darling announced how they were going to rectify this by increasing personal allowances and reduce the amount at where you start paying higher rate tax.

Darling (and I'm sorry but I now think of Brown and Darling as General Melchett and Captain Darling from Blackadder goes Fourth) has been accused of bribing voters ahead of the Crewe bi-election. I kind of feel sorry for him if he tries to correct his bosses mistake he is accused of bribery if he bides his time he's a ditherer.

Brown though doesn't get it. When Nick Clegg challenged him that even with this fix a million people will be worse off he waffles on about how this government has done more blah de blah to reduce poverty. Gordon you cocked up admit it mate. You've made a million low paid people worse off and that is not what a Labour Government should do. I've heard of redistriubtion but its meant to be from Rich to Poor.

One of his "babes" got very upset at the opposition and went on about Tax Credits. Now look love (ooh how patronising) we'd rather have it in our pay packets than have to fill in some effing form.

Annoyingly I live in a Labour/Tory marginal because I want to vote Lib Dem. I think Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are quite impressive. I'd never vote for the tory because the bloke seems to want it too much and I think Labour needs someone other than Brown. The bloke doesn't do anything simply.

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Kate said...

LOL @ but I now think of Brown and Darling as General Melchett and Captain Darling from Blackadder goes Fourth

You're right! He can't do anything simply. Even his good ideas are ruined by too much red tape.