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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Squirrel on the Menu

Ridley's Fish and Game in Corbridge, Northumberland, are now selling wild grey squirrel alongside more traditional meats.

As you maybe aware the Red Squirrel is under threat in Northumberland and there is a cull of Greys in the area. Whereas I'm not overly fond of culls if you are going to do it makes sense to make use of the squirrel than just leave it to rot.

I suppose eating squirrel will shock some people but is it any different from eating Rabbit?


Tricia said...

Is eating Squirrel any different from eating Rabbit? In my case, probably not. Rabbit is the one thing that, since childhood, I cannot eat without picture something small and fluffy. Much as squirrels can be a pest in the garden, I certainly don't fancy eating one!

Mary said...

I hear that in the hills of North Carolina, squirrel roadkill is a delicacy. Seriously. Gotta make sure they're fresh pickins, though.

Toffeeapple said...

I'd try it, as you say, better that than it rotting somewhere. I have relatives in North Carolina and I'm sure I've seen a recipe for squirrel casserole in one of their cook books.

st said...

Dorset chef hugh freaky wigandall eats squirrel, so it must be ok.