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Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Spring Colour

Well I was under orders from OC to take pics of daffodils. I scratched my head and thought and so this morning with the sun shining off I went. I normally pick the right lens for the right photo today I just used a travel zoom so sorry if the photos are not up to scratch.

Ok I've not shown you Bury St Edmunds cathedral before so off to Bury (hang on we'll get to the daffs).

The great Abbey at Bury was huge. Beside the monastic buildings and Abbey church there were three smaller churches in the grounds, two of these survives St James became the cathedral and St Mary's is now a very fine parish church.

The abbey grounds are very well kept and are pretty good for woodland birds (I saw Treecreeper and Goldcrest today).

so off to the cathedral.

Awaiting his master

St Mary's wasn't open yet so I went back around the gardens.

Then onto the Refrectory for a tea and scone.

These two were hanging around the Refectory.

St Mary's is much more interesting than the cathedral.

The tomb of Henry VIII sister

So Daffodils. I've been to Ickworth a few times but in Spring it often has a good display of daffs. Sadly some were finished and others not out but I did what I could.


oldcrow61 said...

How wonderful to see blooms. You did a smashing job. Those tombs, if that's what they're called are fantastic. I especially like the one with the skeletonized figure on it.

Jan said...

Very nice. What's that white stuff on the ground in some of the shots though?

And what on earth time did you go to be back, processed all those photos and done the blog by 3pm? The mind boggles. I mean it's not as if Bury is 5 mins up the road. Blimey.

Carin Fuchs said...

Wonderful pictures Pete.
I could not read the sign (in front of the tomb with the skeleton) whose tomb is it?

Pete said...

Carin. the tomb is a guy called John Baret. He was a big donor of the church and carved two of the angels in the fine 15th century roof.

Jan - I arrived in Bury about 8:30. left here about 7:15 I guess

KAZ said...

The daffodils, dog, stained glass and churches are truly amazing. But nothing compares to the look on that duck's face.

Pete said...

Kaz - that duck was my fave as well :D

Jane said...

Felt like I was there with you! Have you ever visited Carlisle Cathedral? Some of my ancestors are supposed to be buried in the cathedral. Just wondered.

Pete said...

Jane - I have a few years back now.

Eagleseagles said...

Hi Pete
I remembered to sign in to my blog first today.
Mind I'm not sure I will be posting much today as I have to go out and walk Zeta dog.
Cats and Kittens to be fed too!
Like the cute Dog!
Want to see some highlights of the Cricket....ready to watch tonight!

Tricia said...

I don't believe I've ever seen such a colourful font! And the brilliant yellow of the Mahonia really does brighten up the day. Did it have a scent? If so it would be Mahonia Charity.

Pete said...

Earth to Trish Earth to Trish. Mahonia?

Tricia said...

Mahonia is an evergreen winter flowering shrub and depicted in your picture immediately below the picture of the white Spanish (or hybrid) Bluebell and the Church in the snow.

The Spanish bluebell is an invader and gradually taking over the much loved (and scented) English Bluebell.

Hope this helps :)

Diddums said...

Gorgeous photographs -- I particularly like the flowers.

I'm currently signing in via Blogger as my WordPress OpenID is playing up (that seems to be an occasional issue for WordPress bloggers, but I've not been aware of it till now).

Anonymous said...

What an especially enjoyable post... such varied and fascinating subjects!
The Primula with the snow, reminds me of a tufted quilt... Deb