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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Out and About in Kent

I can imagine someone in Newfoundland (hi OC!!) tapping her fingers waiting for photos. Well I'm sorry but blogger has been playing silly buggers!!

I left home in brilliant sun but as I reached Kent the grey descended.

My first target church wasn't a tick but I REALLY wanted to share it with you LOCKED!! Oh well can try on way back.

So 660 St Mary, Speldhurst. With its fine glass by William Morris and Burne-Jones.

I then popped into Surrey. The approach to the next target was quite attractive

and then we have

661 St Peter and St Paul Lingfield. Some nice tombs and some brasses.

I then went to Penshurst Place. The gardens will be very nice in a few months but in a grey day in March could have done with more spring flowers. The Building dates from 1341 at its earliest. Very nice house but boy was it cold in there!

And on to Royal Tunbridge Wells. When I rule the world I will insist that the good people of RTW install some decent road signs.

662. St Charles the Martyr, Royal Tunbridge Wells.

The church was built in 1678 in the style of Wren.

And yes my earlier failure was to be redeemed.

You visit All Saints, Tudeley and if you knew no better you would turn right round and go back.

Indeed before 1967 you may as well have done. However on September 19th 1963 Sarah Venetia d'Avigdor-Goldsmid died in a sailing accident.

Her parents commissioned Marc Chagall to design a new East Window which arrived in 1967. Over the next 18 years friends and family filled the church with Chagall Class.

The magnificent East Window.

Sarah may have died at 21 but the glass at Tudeley means her memory will never die. It will always be a blaze of blue and yellow.


oldcrow61 said...

What can I say...WOW! Fabulous pictures. The flowers are beautiful, the windows gorgeous. I really like the tomb with the two statues on it. And the first picture with those strange trees...wonderful. Love them all.

st said...

The east window wins with me, but all the blue windows are great

Jane said...

Beautiful pictures. Do you ever see any interesting yew trees in the graveyards of the churchs you visit? If you do, could you take a snap of them for me? There are some yews in churchyards that are over 1000 years old. Thanks. Jane

Jane said...

Just added you to my bloglinks... it sounds lame, but I've been meaning to add yours to mine for ages. You've been on my Google Reader list for ages! Jane

Toffeeapple said...

Fabulous pictures! The Chagall windows are amazing, not that the older ones aren't!

Island Rambles Blog said...

The top picture of the church with the weird trees is incredibly spooky...the blue chagall glass windows are beauties...lovely visit here as usual thanks Pete, I am catching up on your posts.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos - all! What are those odd trees? ...Deb