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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot Cross Bun time

And so it is Easter and we get a nice long weekend.

Of course the flipping weather forecast is awful, cold, light snow/sleet and wind. I had plans for showing you lots of places and taking lots of photos but if I wake up tomorrow and it looks like the rumours say it is going to be disappointing. So fingers crossed everyone, I'm taking Dad out Saturday and Sunday but the old toodle will never go out if it's cold and wet. Story time

Some years ago I took Mum and Dad to the Cotswolds for the first time. We set out on the Saturday and it was raining. We stopped at Stow-on-the-Wold and Dad said he'd sit in the car (well it was RAINING!!). Mum and I were on holiday and went for walk around. Dad was sitting in the car with the rain continuing to comeg down and thinking we were barmy, when we returned he made this point only to be shocked when we told him it stopped ages ago and what he was hearing was the water falling off of the tree I had parked under.

I've finally printed some of my photos or Tricia has printed some of my photos and you know they looked good. I opened the envelope expecting to be crushed and was quite chuffed. There were postcard sized prints of a Robin and Dragonfly which I was pleased with and she had some a4 prints of some landscapes I took in Norfolk and of Lavenham church on Friday. I was really well quite chuffed.

On a separate note those nasty people at warehouseexpress have dropped the price of the d300 to under £1000 will you stop doing this to me!!!! Get ye behind me.....


oldcrow61 said...

That's such a funny story about your Dad and the rain. I have my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow. lol. Hope you can get out and about.

Tricia said...

I echo OCs comments about the weather over the weekend!

Perhaps WH Express will be sending you flyers soon.....P :)

Pete said...

already happens Tricia