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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What do you want for Christmas?

This is a semi serious question.

Once a year all of us go out desperately trying to buy presents for all sorts of people. We try to buy something for Aunt Ethel and we haven't really got a clue what she likes. How many times do you get something you really really don't like? That Aunt who buys you some "trendy" CD by some really naff band?

These days of course there are various other options.

The RSPB do a range of "Good Nature Gifts". For instance You can "buy" someone a Bearded Tit or Goldeneye Nest Box for a tenner. And there are a whole list of other gifts on the site. You can all sponsor a nest box, but I can never find that on the RSPB site.

The WWT allow you to adopt a bird. You can adopt a duck, goose, swan, flamingo etc.

The Woodland Trust enable you to plant a tree.

Have a think.


Unknown said...

I've been thinking of something along those lines for my MIL. It's hard to convince Mr Blogs though, he seems to think she likes the bath salts and slippers he chooses for her. I normally store them away and buy something else because she has said she would prefer other types of gifts.

Ally said...

I bought a goat for a few people last year. It worked well.

The Quacks of Life said...

as you know you can't see what post comments are for. I had visions it was for the sudan goat post!!!!!