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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Recyling taken to the limit

This story about Sheep Poo cards made me chuckle.

I heard about it on Radio 5.

Jane Garvey - so who collects it?
Lawrence Toms - well picking up sheep poo, talking to journalists. I get all the dirty jobs.



Anonymous said...

Actually, sheep poos is about the most pleasant smelling of all poos, as poos goes. Not the worst job in the world by any means! I could quite enjoy doing that, nice healthy outdoor job, nice scenery, and of course, Emma would love it, although actually she prefers a nice crispy cow pat.....

Unknown said...

Well, I hope the envelopes are self-sealing. I wouldn't fancy licking one LOL

Lee said...

They could market it as "pooper" instead of "paper." they'd obviously make a's fly right off the shelves. ;)

Cherrypie said...

We picked up sheep poo to feed to Grandad's tomatoes when we were kids. If only I'd known this then