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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Patch Birding pays off

It's Sunday afternoon so it must be Rye Meads.

It has become a Sunday afternoon ritual really. I never seen anything exciting but I have a pleasant stroll.....

However on the board in big letters is Garganey - yes a patch lifer!! and then the dreaded sign for female. SIGH. Still I ask where it was seen.

At Draper the Goose flock is down slighty. Lots of Lapwings and Litle Grebe. No other waders though which is a bit disappointing.

A few Hawker dragonflies on the trails and a fly over Sparrowhawk.

I reach Tern hide which is where my target was. There are usually lots of ducks but they are outnumbered by Coots and a fair few Little Grebe. Mallard, Shoveller, Tufty - nope, and then sitting next to a moorhen away from the others....

Ok its small, grey bill (comparatively long), stripey head pattern and it seems to have a bit of white on the wing. Looks good but still..... I watch her for ages swimming here there and everywhere and then FLAP !! Yes! No doubts now.

Wander off a happy Pete and at Moorhen see 3 Green Sandpiper.

Just before I reach the visitors centre I spy a Water Vole in one of the ditches. Cute little chap. Not seen one ever and now two in two visits!!

Nice day.


Anonymous said...

I assumed you would be at RM hit the pager!!

Was it a patch tic?

The Quacks of Life said...

it was a patch tick.

I go most sunday afternoons.