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Friday, September 08, 2006

Not much happening really

That's a catchy title for a blog isn't it!!

The highlight of the day has been the change to my fantasy football team. Kevin Davis is suspended and I'm not sure if McCullough is out as well. Anyway I decided not to make multiple changes and get hit with penalty points. Davis is gone and as Reading are at home, and I needed a cheapr striker, I went for Seol of Reading. I've adopted a 3-4-3 formation. Well its Chelsea v Charlton and even if Luke Young is fit he is rested from the quacks of life fantasy team.

As it stands I lead the small league I'm a member of (YAY!!), being chased hard by Dave and Corinna though.

I do admire Cherry Pie's recent post. it takes real guts to open yourself up like that. Please note it isn't going to happen here. That said it would bore the pants/knickers off you - um its a strategy I suppose.


Unknown said...

Pete, I'm amazed. You are the last person I would expect to have a fantasy football team ;-)

The Quacks of Life said...

gosh CP had been down as intolerant :D
and you can't believe I have a fantasy football team. uh why?

there was a league set up for a birding forum I'm a member of so I thought why not. Give Dave and Corinna a bit of a run I hope

Unknown said...

I don't know, it just surprised me. If you had said a fantasy cricket team, I would have nodded my head and thought, yes, that sounds like Pete.

Obviously, you are a man of many surprises and I'm going to shut up before this hole I'm digging becomes to deep for me to climb out of.

The Quacks of Life said...


its ok Kate. Cricket is more my thing. I'm not a big footy fan really but I do follow most sports.

It is interesting how I come across in the blog. Hence i was intrigued by CP's comment.

But if you want to keep digging ;)