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Monday, September 18, 2006

May I recommend a blog

From time to time I add a new blog to the blogroll - that thing on the right hand side entitled Blogs I read. Usually I add it and make no comment but I've just added a new blog with a difference. And I want to bring it to your attention.

Beki of a backwards in high heels fame has stared a new blog travels with Jean. The blog are the journals of a lady called Jean Ritchie and detail her travels with her half sister Ethel (Beki's Mother's Godmother) and Mrs Ritchie (Jean's Mum and Ethels Step Mum) in the mid 1950's.

Beki has published an introduction and the first day (11th Sept 1956). Beki says she imagines them "as three Miss Marples only without being side-tracked by crime!". Which is exactly the tone. There is also a dash of Famous Five again without the crime bit. They are very fifties.

This promises to be a fascinating piece of social history.


Beki said...

Many thanks for the post, Pete.

I am just so excited at the moment that other people get the chance to read the diaries and that they find them as interesting as I do.

I can't explain why but I am hugely compelled with this as a project and feel this is the right time and the right way to share the writings.

Anonymous said...

eh... love this ))