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Friday, September 15, 2006

Its not all about weight

Thanks to Kate for mentioning that the Spanish Fashion industry is banning the use of exceptionally skinny models.

I believe that the common view is that the skinny models allow clothes to hang better. Now I am a bloke with the usual enjoyment of the female form, I would like to assure the fashion industry that the super skinny waifs would definitely not make that dress Liz Hurley wore look any better. Most blokes will assure you that the fuller figured Miss Hurley is much easier on the eye than Kate Moss.

Of course Miss Hurley is a rather attractive woman but I think that it still stands that most men would really prefer a bit more than a human clothes frame.

I think many women get too hung up on their weight. You just have to dress sensibly. If, like me, you are overweight then don't wear figure hugging clingy clothes!

If you want to lose weight fine - I really should - but girls we are not all that shallow. Honest!


oldcrow61 said...

Well said Pete.

Robert said...

Easier on the eye, hey? How right you are! Lucie loves you!