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Saturday, September 16, 2006

And this why I go to Norfolk

I'd mentioned to Dave that I fancied a trip to Norfolk today and he suggested getting to his place early. So I crawled out of bed at 5:00....

The previous day there had been a Red Breasted Flycatcer at Gun Hill (Burnham Overy Staithe) and since its a good place for migrants that's where we went. Its a fair trek but lots of stuff flitting about including a Garden Warbler. Lots of Beardies in the reeds and we soon came across a Whinchat. A few waders including Avocet.

We arrived at the scrub bushes at Gun Hill (Hill in its Norfolk sense) and had a lovely Redstart, loads of Mipits. Also Common Terns. There were four of there and then the chap from English Nature said Red Breasted Flycatcher. This was no skulky little bird this chap was a gorgeous little fella sitting out 10ft from us. He moved about doing what flycatchers do. Superb. Had a brief walkround. Mipits, Chaffinches and went make to watch the RB Fly, at least 2 Redstart, a chiffchaff and a Wheatear.

Time for breakfast, bacon roll at Titchwell. On the walk back to the car there were lots of Dunnocks, Wrens, Robins and a Willow Warbler. Then a chap said Red Breasted Fly. Two? you're kidding. well he wasn't !! Also two Marsh Harriers.

As we sat munching our Bacon Roll we decided to head for the sea but one of the volunteers had seen an unusual warbler in the car park but had poor views. Well lets have a look.... well nowt. Over the back of the car park in the field there was a ton of Pied Wagtails, a Redstart, Blackcap (male and female), Garden Warbler, Song Thrush and an odd Yellow Wagtail. It had a grey head, thin eye stripe and a white throat but was very yellow all over (other than the throat)... nearest to it was the Flava race. Oh well never know for sure. Dave had a Ring Tailed Harrier.

Head to the beach and Dave's pager comes up Yellow-Browed Warbler at Cley. It was supposedly in the reeds near the sea but not seen by us. Still a few waders about, oh and more beardies. Off the coast we had a close Great Skua. Lapland Bunting was also reported but we never met anyone who had seen it.

At the other end of the beach was a Red Backed Shrike. However it proved very elusive before finally popping up. Off the sea was Sandwich and Common Tern, Kittiwake, Two Great Skuas one having a fight with a Gull, Gannets, Red Throated Diver and Guillemot.

Also Brent Geese flying through, ah winter comes!

Stopped at the Red Bull, Stiffkey for a pint and a pack of crisps before popping into Warham Green for a Wryneck.

That did for the day but there was a Buzzard on the way back.

If all days were like this. Still one of those days you dream about.


Anonymous said...

There's a 5 o'clock in the morning?? Cor you learn something new everyday...!

The Quacks of Life said...

there will be another one in two weeks (yes another holiday coming up)