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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 7 - Parma

So today we were off to Parma..... home of Parma ham....

I was getting the tickets and Trish said that the 9:28 was going from Platform 16.... I wasn't convinced by Trish was! and as I looked up at the board there was a 9:28 going to Milan from platform 16 and yesterday we had got the Milan train to Modena and they were on the same line. Now as I looked the board change.

Still we hurried off and got on the 9:28 to Milan..... but as we sat I knew this was not the type of train we had paid for and the map displayed showed Ferrara which was wrong. We were too late to get off.

A guard was going past....

T - does this train go to Parma?
Guard - No Milan....
T - where does it stop next?
Guard - Milan! Do you have a ticket
P - We have a ticket to Parma.
So we each had a 4.75 ticket to Parma and should have a 30 euro ticket to Milan. I had visions of fines etc but ....
Guard - oh well Milan is a nice city. 

And off she walked. T was really angry with herself and shocked how calm I was! We got to Milan got a ticket back to Parma. We arrived in time for lunch! We ordered two bowls of pasta and a glass of wine each. T asked for a second and the waiter topped by half empty glass "on the house"!!

The Duomo and Baptistry

The Baptistry

It was now dark and WET! so we abandoned our outing. Which was sad since I'd like to go back!

It was hammering down when we got to Bologna!! Even with those nice arcades we got soaked :)

Any chance of some sun?

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Ragged Robin said...

More superb churches :) I do like the wall art in the last 2 photos :)