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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Canons Ashby

I went to Canons Ashby an Elizabethan house in Northamptonshire. Until it passed in to the hands of the National Trust it had been owned by the Dryden family since around 1550. The family never had lots of money so the house hasn't been modernised as some have.

The church was a priory and what you see today is just the bell tower and a fraction of the nave. Would have been good to have seen it in its pomp. Apparently it is one of 4 privately owned Parish Churches in the Country.

The scone was good!

The house was a puritan one and supported the Roundheads. When the caverliers arrived the inhabitants were warned by a shepherd boy. The boy was killed and is commemorated by the Dryden family in the garden.

Before heading around the house I had a tasty Tomato and Basil soup.

And so I headed off but that is another story.....


Tricia Ryder said...

Looks a lovely place to visit..

Nice camera!!

glad you and Q got a good scone at last.

Ragged Robin said...

Canons Ashby has been on my list of places to visit for years - having seen your photos I really must go!

Thanks so much for sharing all your holiday photos - really enjoyed each and every post :)