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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cotswolds Day 1

If you remember I was off to Shropshire/Cheshire when I had to cancel as dad had his collapse. Well I arranged a trip to the Cotswolds and today I was off!!

So off at 5:30!! We had a breakfast bap at Oxford services. And arrived in Bourton on the Water..... holidaying in England in November is a risky business and it was dull grey and WET!! :(

Loads of ducks about.... we also saw a Grey Wagtail and Goldcrest.

The rain got harder so we headed off to Morton in Marsh it had cleared up a bit so we went for a wander, There was a lovely cheese shop that I may need to visit to take some stuff back home! Trish noticed she had left her phone in the car so as the tea room we had picked out was near the car she went to get it.... DISASTER no phone..... I rang it and it was going straight to answer phone...... so she phoned customer services from mine and it is barred. She wanted a new phone anyway!!

I took her in to Tilly's tea room for a cuppa and a scone..... it was ok....

We collected keys and went to Charlecote when I discovered I had left my baseball cap in the tea room.... we're  doing well eh.

Anyway some pics

I knew the tea room was being refurbished but was horrified that the replacement tent had cakes but NO SCONES :( so I had a bag of crisps......

We decided to head off to Moreton to  see if my cap was there we stopped in Shipton on Stour to purchase some wine ;) and arrived at Moreton where my cap was!! We went to Mrs T Potts for the afternoon scone. Not bad.

An eventful day!!

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Ragged Robin said...

Nice photos of Charlecote and the deer - hope the weather improves for you.