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Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy 90th Birthday Auntie Freda

This blog does not often publish pictures of people.....

Today was my Aunt Freda's (Dad sister in law) 90th birthday and so we were at a family event. I was on camera duty. Hope the pics are ok, i'm not good at people and you don't have control of them at a party.

Anyway here is a large selection.

Iris who was a teacher at my primary school when I was there!!!

My cousins Stephen and Lester ("Archie's boys").

Uncle Brian dad's youngest brother.

Aunt Hazel his wife

My cousin Carol with a well earned glass of vino

My cousin Lester's daughter.

Aunt Freda on arrival

Carol's daughter Sophie.

Rose Carol's mother in law

My cousin Lester's wife Christine.

Brian and Stephen

Two brothers reminiscing.

Carol, husband Glen, Aunt Freda and Sophie.

Red wine has gone, now champers.....

sorry..... I was forced.....

During the war...... Stephen and Lester get "educated" :)


Tricia Ryder said...

Some great 'people' pics there... and some lovely memories for those invovled.

Happy Birthday Auntie Freda

Ragged Robin said...

That's a great set of photos and a wonderful record of what looks like a great party :)

Belated Happy Birthday to your Auntie Freda.