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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Under an Umbrian Sky

So where was I going on holiday to? The decision was quite late and the choices were?

Seville, Prague and Venice...... so I went to Perugia.... why? I hear you ask?

A year ago I bought a stack of guides and one was Umbria (I thought the picture looked pretty), and yes it looked an interesting region. Scroll forward a year and I'm in the National Trusts Ickworth and in there second hand bookshop was a book about Umbria. A pit of research showed the region looked lovely Ryan Air flew their from Stansted.......... 

But 6 days I hear you ask..... yes I know but research showed some good day trips and we booked it. 6 days also because the price of the hotel was not bad.....

Stansted was heaving and people seemed to think they had the right to push in but we were soon on the plane and heading off.

Lago Trasimeno......... remember for future reference

We sat next to a nice lady called Robyn on the plane and shared a taxi into Perugia with her... we dumped our bags and headed into town. Our hotel was at the bottom of the hill but Perugia has a system of escalators and we were soon up the top (8 mins I timed it). There were a few views.....

Pietro Vannucci.

The big church you can see in here was viewable from the hotel.

This is the Piazza Italia.... we were sitting eating a slice of Pizza when we bumped into Robyn and the friend she was visiting... small world

Looking down the Corsa Vannucci towards the Duomo.

This is the main door of the Palazzo dei Priori (you'll see this a lot) wonderful building....

The Duomo of San Lorenzo...

The Fontana Maggiore

An Etruscan arch

That Duomo

The steps are the place to sit....

that fountain again..

A rather nice chocolate shop and yes we did buy here....

that door

I thought it was odd to see this lovely piece of art with a mechanical lift in front of it.....

The Oratorio di San Bernardino

Trish not overly impressed with the views.... LOL


We went back out into town for dinner and a few pics

A rather good first day.


Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful architecture, views and churches :)

I see you bagged the window seat :)

Pete said...

bagged? wait to the last day.... ;)