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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dante Quartet at Wigmore Hall

I was off with Trish to London for a bit culture! The first shock was no trains from the station, engineering works and a replacement bus service!! So a quick dash to Epping for the tube...... which is must cheaper - um!

Anyway arrived and got to the Wigmore Hall with plenty of time to see the Dante Quartet.

The programme was

Faure String Quartet in E minor Op. 121
Ravel String Quartet in F

I have to admit if I was at home my first choice would have been the Faure which was wonderfully relaxing but in the concert hall it was the greater contrasts of the Ravel which I found the more enjoyable. Although I thoroughly enjoyed both!

Thanks to the Dante for introducing their encore a Britten Waltz in F Major and for a very enjoyable Sunday morning.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Was rather good wasn't it - despite the rather shaky start to the day ;) and the lack of service at a certain foodery.

And I really enjoyed Ravel as, like you, I hadn't really expected to.

The music and musicians certainly made up for it all... great concert.