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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Life is strange

On Saturday I was driving through town and there were two young children picking Daffodils. Now this irritates me because they are planted for all to enjoy but what really got my goat was that there Father was sat watching them!!

And I saw everything yesterday. Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous as I was making my way back from the concert I was on the bus home from the station I saw something totally bizarre. There was a car that had stopped in the road with it's hazard lights flashing, the bus had to wait for a gap coming the other way.

Had the car broke down? No the bloke (in his 50's) was on a bank removing his trousers!!!!!! I can only assume that he had been caught short and uhm pooped himself? Frankly I'd have driven home first wouldn't you?


ShySongbird said...

Absolutely with you on the Daffs and as for Mr Trousers...well!!!

oldcrow61 said...

I agree with you with regards to the Daffodils. As to Mr. Bare Bottom...hahaha!

Tricia said...

and what chance have the kids got in learning right from wrong

and as to Mr. Remove His Trousers...has he no pride lol?

diddums said...

There are children who (every year) pick daffodils from a public walk, dash them down and crush them. Why? It also infuriates me when I see people picking flowers from private gardens. I saw a boy plucking a crocus from a neighbour's garden and handing it to a girl; she threw it down after a few paces. I'm beginning to think I live in a criminal area!