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Thursday, April 07, 2011

I wonder about people sometimes

There is a TV game show on about 5pm called Pointless.

Prior to the show, 100 people are each given 100 seconds to give as many answers as they can to the questions that will be asked to the teams during the show. The number of points given to the teams during the quiz is decided by how many of the 100 people have previously given the same answer.


Name a country beginning with the letter "C".
If 79 people said Canada, the team would gain 79 points for that answer.
If no one said the Central African Republic, the team would score no points for that answer.
If the team gave an incorrect answer, such as Colorado, they would receive a penalty of 100 points. If the team receives 2 incorrect answers in each pass, the total is taken to 200.

The object is to score as little as possible.

In the final round you have to get a pointless answer to win the money.

Now then on tonights show one of the questions was to name a King or Queen who reigned during the 20th century.

Not surpisingly the highest scoring answer was Queen Elizabeth II BUT it scored only 59!!! That means 41 people didn't answer the current Queen whose been on the throne a mere 59 years.

I do wonder about some people in this country from time to time.


leazwell said...

The demographics of the group answering that question would be interesting indeed.

Tricia said...

Tis rather surprising; but as Leazwell suggests, it would be interesting to know the demographics of the group involved.

diddums said...

We watch Pointless sometimes too. Concerning a quiz show that Mum watches, she has a theory that they give people a quick test before accepting them for the show... and only take the ones who do the worst!

Attila The Mom said...

Oh hell, I wonder about people on a daily basis! LOL

digibirder said...

We watch Pointless, although I didn't see the episode you are referring to.

My take on this is that if all 100 people gave QEII as the answer, then the contestants, knowing that would be the most popular, would all get pointless answers, should they choose any other monarch of the 20th century. So perhaps some were giving the alternative answers in order to give a broad mix of results for the contestants - not that they were not aware of who the current monarch was.