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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ye Gods it was cold

I met up with Trish today and we headed to Norfolk, it looked promising when we arrived at Salthouse and the sun was shining. No Snow Buntings but we had a few standins.



The sun soon went in and the wind blew AND IT WAS FREEZING!!! So we decided that we would head inland!! We saw a nice flock of Brent Geese and I spied a Marsh Harrier.

As we headed to Sculthorpe Moor there were loads of pheasants but then a bird few along by the side of the car and I was well chuffed to see it was a Grey Partridge!!

At Sculthorpe we saw a couple of Buzzards and a nice selection of woodland birds.

The pics aren't good just for the record.

Long Tailed Tits

Male and Female Bullfinch


There was a Water Rail that crept along for ages and when it came out into the open it ran like billyo into cover on the other side!!

Other nice spots were Marsh and Coal Tit.

A couple of Buzzards on the way back.

Good day pity about the weather!!


Tricia said...

Great day (especially as the sun came up!! - pity it didn't stay up;) ) and some good birds and yes, it was a tadge on the chilly side!

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures here Pete. Sounds like a good day.

Ragged Robin said...

Sounds like a lovely day out except for the weather! Well done on the brambling and grey partridge and the long-tailed tits look cute.

Diane said...

Will you cut it out with the Long-tailed Tit photos???!!!
(Having issues posting a comment from Wordpress, so have had to use an alternative option - if it's double-posted, delete the extra one)

The Wessex Reiver said...

We should have a competition between yourself and Tricia over the photos of the birds. Great to read the two postings.

Diddums said...

Great photos as always. :-) I particularly like the horde of long-tailed tits.

Janine said...

Pete of course I have to comment on the LTT photos since they are my favorite birds. They are lovely.
BTW Google says that the collective noun is "a volery of long tailed tits"

eileeninmd said...

Love your bird blog, this post and photos are just wonderful.