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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shoes and Ducks

It was dull and grey this morning so I was undecided what to do, but just as I was headed out the rain started.

So dull grey and wet and a bit chilly? Ah the perfect time to get those new shoes I need for work! I was passing Dads and thought he might fancy a change of scenery... he had gone out! I decided to detour very slightly to see if he was at the bus stop. There he was! Apparently he was 15feet from the bus when it pulled away!!

Well I found a pair of shoes. They will be baptised Monday!

This afternoon I decided I ought to get out, So headed for Rye Meads. It was all very quiet. Highlight were Shelduck to add to the year list.

Birds were not camera friendly today so this chappy will have to suffice!

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