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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pesky Wabbits

As I drive home of an evening I'm virtually guaranteed seeing a Rabbit. Not on the rat runs and country lanes oh no sirree bob I see them on the Hastingwood Roundabout as you come off the Junction 7 of the M11.

The roundabout is very big and has one of those weighstation things but a large part of it is grass and on the Western side there are always a few Rabbits sitting out.

Now tonight I got thinking, just how isolated are the rabbits? Do they cross the road? The roundabout is busy but I've never seen a dead one! Do they burrow deep and go under the road? Or are they an isolated population?

I can't answer any of those but on my nightly commute home as I'm stuck at the lights I can look right and enjoy a glimpse of Brer Rabbit.


holdingmoments said...

Interesting thought Pete. Just how do they get there? Deep tunnel?

On a similar note, there is an island on one of our local lakes, that has rabbits. Do they swim?
I can't think how they got there.

Tricia said...

Had the same thought as HM.... perhaps they move at night when the roads are quieter? Interesting though...

oldcrow61 said...

Amazing that you don't see a few bodies on the road. It must be treacherous for the bunnies.