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Friday, April 23, 2010

Mr H G Wells

One of the books I took to read on my holiday was In The Country of the Blind by H G Wells. It is a collection of short stories labelled as Science Fiction.

Of course most of these stories don't seem like Science Fiction today and I wonder how many really were when they were published in the 1890's and 1900's. But they are definitely a hint of the fantastic.

They are an enjoyable read and interesting because there Victorian/Edwardian setting is so different to one we know today.

Wells is a writer who today is best remembered for his novels like The Time Machine, The Invisible Man and the War of the Worlds, I have to say his short fiction is worth reading and stories like The Star and The Door in the Wall hold up very well.

I'm not sure how read Wells is today but his work is easily obtainable 100 years after it was written and I suspect he'll be read in another 100 years.

If you've not read Wells then I recommend you check out the Time Machine and then maybe In The Country of the Blind and other stories.

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