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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday Ah it’s sunny! LOL

I could go tick a church or birding?

I went for the church!

746 All Saints Chalbury

To be fair I could still could have gone birding but instead I headed to the lovely market town of Sherbone

And to show you its wonderful church, which was once an abbey.

I then went to Sherborne Castle which was built by Sir Walter Raleigh

I didn’t actually go in (been in twice before) as the weather was lovely I walked around the lake and admired the views, the wildlife, a solero ice cream, a large piece of Dorset Apple Cake, read some of Death on the Nile and soaked up the sun. BLISS!!!

These are Green Sandpipers. Curiously there Common there as well. Told by white wing bar and no white rump when in flight.

This must have been the best short break I’ve had in years. Wiltshire and Dorset are lovely, I was chatting to a couple from Sussex in the pub who were amazed how nice the countryside is here. Well please don’t come here go to Bath no better yet go to Spain, Italy anywhere leave it relatively unspoilt and all to me :D


holdingmoments said...

Sherbone B&W pics are like picture postcards. Very nice.
A very varied selection of excellent pictures, to top off an enjoyable break Pete. Loved it!

Tricia said...

I don't think I've seen a Church interior that's white before. But it makes it wonderfully light.

The B&W works well for Sherborne and the grounds look lovely. Roll on early June - it and the castle are on my "to visit" list so it's great to have a taster!

Tricia said...

Oh - and the female Mallard "conducting the the orchestra" is great!

oldcrow61 said...

Your churches are magnificent! Love the quacker pictures.