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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am aware that this blog is a bit eclectic. I'd like to concentrate more on wildlife and historic buildings but working full time means I'm a bit tied to weekends.

I have found an interesting reserve run by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust called Langford Lakes its near Salisbury so I'll pop in next week. I can find little information on the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Website but in my Wildlife Walks book it looks promising if only for a few hours walk.

Anyway since I can't regale you with wildlife pics or historic buildings (you wait until next week :D) I found this story interesting.

It shows the number of people living on their own (a wonderful lifestyle if you ask me!!) has grown from 6% to 12% and that the number of adults living with their parents has also grown.

The later statistic is a worrying one. Property prices have grown so much that young people really find it hard to buy and with the great council house sell off there is now less affordable accomodation to rent.

This double whammy must have had some contribution to the breakdown in families and the high divorce rate?! When you first get married you are in the honeymoon period if you have constant money pressure its surely going to put stress on marriages.

I've been lucky enough to buy my own home but I am well aware that I've been fortunate, I do worry how young people today are meant to live. They either have to tie themselves into massive debt or pay large rents, often for an ex council house that if it was still council owned they'd pay less for. Its hilarious when you see an ex council house being rented next to a current council property for 2-3 times the council rent - MADNESS!! Where does it lead to? Greed and financial chaos? Ah where are we now?


holdingmoments said...

Hi Pete. Nothing wrong with being eclectic; makes for interesting reading at times. I really feel sorry for anyone trying to get on the property ladder these days. It must be so tough.
Langford Lakes looks like it's got great potential; I've got the same book as you, 'Wildlife Walks'. A very handy addition to my small library.

oldcrow61 said...

Interesting statistics! I also found it interesting that there are more men still living with parents than there are women. I too feel fortunate that I own my own home. I don't know how young people manage today, they must be way over their heads in debt. I know loads of very large houses are going up all over St. John's for example and people are buying them.

Tricia said...

Makes fascinating reading. Whilst the report addressed the number of marriages by couples of a generally older age than in the late 90s. it obviously doesn't take into account those who are in a civil relationship. I'm sure the same trend would be observed however.

And I'm not surprised that more are choosing to live on their own. I'm sure the number of women on their own must have increased over the decades as now they make a conscious decision not to form relationships and have children.