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Saturday, April 25, 2009

One good Tern.....

I headed over Hatfield Forest this morning. The Grebe by the shell house seems to have left its nest which is sad (the one at the other end was dilgently on the nest). On a good note there were 5 Terns over the lake and there were pairs on both tern rafts!!

It looked like I wasn't going to get many photo ops!

As I headed North of the lake there were Willow Warblers, Chiffchaff and Blackcap and then my first Common Whitethroat of the year.

But then I decided stuff this lets try and get some flight shots.

and then a Grebe came into view....

A bit of a swan show.

Pied Wagtail perching


Swan portrait

And we'll finish with some terns


Tricia said...

Oooh Terns... lovely. Like the flight shots Pete - nice ones!

and the Grebe shots aren't that bad either :D

Sad to hear that the Grebe is no longer on her nest but great that the other one is. I wondered if the first one was too near the bank.

holdingmoments said...

Great flight shots Pete, not easy at times.

turquis said...

lovely as per usual of course but one or two of those swan shots would be interesting in black and white with heightened contrast/lightness, no?

Pete said...

ta all

Turquis - i'll have a play

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots Pete.

digibirder said...

Grebe shots nice and sharp, and flight shots good, too.

Janine said...

Great shots Pete, glad the weather is holding up for you. Interesting to see the pied wagtail by the water.