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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday - Pinch me this can’t be England in April!

I awoke to ….. blue skies !!

Anyway for the second night in a row my eyes glazed over by 9:30!! Wow!!

I headed off to Langford Lakes. It’s a Wiltshire Wildlife Trust reserve and though small would make a nice local patch. Warbler singing (Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Sedge and Willow). 2 Grebe pairs one definitely on a nest and I felt sorry for one chap all alone on his lake. Hope he gets a mate.

Not vast numbers of birds seen but a walk with birds singing is always nice. They had a Little Gull yesterday mutters!!

I then headed to Lacock. You’ve seen it before. Oh yes every period drama seems to have it and I love to go back when it’s dressed up and the cars are gone. The village is owned by the National Trust and so it is kept to a pattern.

I hope you approve of my selection of B&W. In a couple of places the same/similar image appears in B&W and colour, opinions?

The church of St Cyriac I’ve visited before.

Inside of old barn

I then went into the Abbey grounds had a pleasant stroll then found a seat and pressed on with my book. Idyllic!

I had a nice vanilla ice cream to top off the day.

I’ve also discovered a new English wine from Wiltshire I think and I’ll stick this in the fridge for Jan.

I arrived home jumped in the shower and then checked my work email – MEGA SAD!!

As I type this the pub is about to open so a beer awaits! .


holdingmoments said...

More great pictures. You certainly had a really good trip, and so much to see.
I have to admit that I'm not a great fan of B&W pics., but I enjoyed these. They suited the subjects perfectly.

Pete said...

I like B&W, I think you have to pick your subject though

oldcrow61 said...

If I ever come to England, I know who's going to be taking me around, lol. Wonderful shots once again Pete. Those flowers...sigh!