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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tuesday – And Uncle Tom Cobbley got wet!

Dad suggested we might like to go to Widdecombe in the Moor to look around the famed Widdecombe fair which was on today. We woke to hear the pitter patter of raindrops. Anyway of we went, upon arrival the field we were asked to park on looked like it might soon resemble the Somme! So I looked at Dad and said is this wise? Dad said no and so we headed off!

As you can see from this view across Dartmoor the weather wasn’t good!

We stopped for a look around Bovey Tracy before ending up at a small National Trust property called Bradley. Its old and what they would call architecturally important. I would not want to live there though!

Not many photos today the weather is meant to be better tomorrow.

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Barry said...

You were probably very wise to miss out on the delights of parking at Widecombe Fair in the conditions last Tuesday. I love Widecombe Fair and usually go, but this year I decided with all the rain we've had it was not a good idea to get stuck in one of those fields - wonder how many were pulled out by the tractors! When I see pictures on the local news the showground was just a mudbath, never seen it that bad. Nice pic of the moor, fairly typical weather for Dartmoor, but adds to the beauty of the place.

Not heard of that NT property, will have to look it up in my handbook and maybe make a visit.