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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday – Ooh I got a Shag!

As I wrote up the blog last night the rain pounded down but this morning the sun came out.

And so first we went to Teignmouth, a few birds off sea, Cormorant another Cormorant ooh a Shag! Add one to the yearlist. Lots of Herring Gulls with the odd Lesser and Great Black Backed Gulls, a few Sandwich Terns feeding before heading off to winter.

The Town is your typical small seaside town.

We then headed off to Powderham Castle the home of the De Courtenays Earl’s of Devon.

The castle (excellent) is viewed by guided tour (v good) and there is a rose garden, nice chapel and a deer park.

We had a rather nice Vanilla ice cream to finish.


Eagleseagles said...

Careful Pete - thats 2 pics of a gull!

Pauco say's its 4th winter...I agree.Actually a nice bird in good condition!


Kate said...

What happened to the post about Creation? It was very good! Oddly, I wrote about that today.