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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Sunny Day in Norfolk

What a lovely day! The sun shone all day, why couldn't it have been like that all summer?

Anyway Dave and I went to Norfolk, we arrived at Titchwell and headed to the sea.

We were chuffed to see a juvenile Red Necked Phalarope.

And there were loads of waders about including Ruff.

We also saw Golden Plover, Dunlin and quite a few Little Stint. Off the coast there were a few Arctic Skua, Gannet, a fly few through Red Breasted Merganser, a few Sarnie Terns and a Red Throated Diver.

Lookind across to Thornham.

We stopped for a Bacon Roll for breakfast and then went to Old Hunstanton.

Meadow Pipit

There were loads of Waders, Knot, Sanderling, Bar Tailed Godwit.



Bar-Tailed Godwit

We were chuffed to find some wheatear and this Whinchat

We then went to the Jolly Sailors at Brancaster Staithe for lunch. We saw four Buzzards high over head but this little beauty was the real star!

A Hummingbird Hawk Moth.

This chap was obliging.

We headed back to Titchwell. At one point 4 buzzards were high overhead and one was "odd".

The left hand bird is a Curlew Sandpiper


Spotted Redshank.


Mary said...

Love the photos of the Humming Bird Hawk Moth. I would love to see one.

Jane said...

Loved the hummingbird hawkmoth... haven't seen a single one this year in Dorset! PS loved the black fox video thanks for that. Jane

Janine said...

Amazing photos of the hummingbird hawk moth!

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures of the Moth..I'm jealous! I haven't seen any around this year.

Anonymous said...

The Hummingbird hawk moth superp pic. The pics of the Gull Pete, is it a juvenile Herring-Gull?

Anonymous said...

Agree that the Hawkmoth pics are great. The first one is my fave. Other pics good, too, of course!

Toffeeapple said...

Wow, lucky you! And thank you for letting us see.

Dawn said...

Wow jammy blighter Hawkmoth pics are amazing

Pete said...

why thanks all.

the gull? think its a juve Herring but me and gulls? ha ha ! I just thought it was a decent flight shot.

Anonymous said...

Gull, you think it was a decent flight shot! well i would say a very decent shot. Taking into account the bright blue background the feather detail on the wings is very good indeed. Hence a big help in the I.D. as you know there is so much variation in these Gulls, so top marks on your pics.

Pete said...

why thank you anony

Mo said...

Love the hawk moth shot and the waders are great.