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Friday, September 05, 2008

Memories and stuff

Today would have been Mum's birthday. It'll be hard for Dad today I guess, every first anniversary of something is tough isn't it. Dad is bearing up but you can tell he misses her dreadfully.

said recently that it would be nice if Mum was closer and I just thought to myself yeah it would. Not so much for me you understand as for Dad. BIG SIGHS.

I am off next week. I am taking Dad to South Devon, I've been to that part a few times but not with Dad since I was at school! You'll see some places you've seen before and some places for the first time. Actually there are some places I'd like to visit for the first time. And I think it'll be a break lacking in churches.

Though I will have the laptop we are self catering and so there'll be no wifi, as of yet I haven't got my own mobile connection (I must admit I may ditch BT and go mobile at some stage). I will edit the photos as I go (yes OC I will pack the camera!!) and post as soon as I get back or maybe I can piggy back on someones unsecure network ala twitchybirder. LOL


oldcrow61 said...

All these special occasions must be sad, particularly for your dad. It's lovely that you are taking him on a trip. Looking forward to pictures. Have a great holiday.

avalon said...
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avalon said...

Sorry for deleting the last comment but saw a spelling mistake. Anyway thoughts are with you and dad take care have a good holiday

Pete said...

thanks all.

Jan I edited a post i wrote a year ago to correct a spelling I found when I was checking something else!!

Wendy said...

Have a wonderful trip. Nice of you to take your Dad on holiday.