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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bye Bye Gordon

It must be hard being Gordon Brown at the mo. He desperately wanted to lead his party for almost two decades but was persuaded that someone he regarded as a lightweight was more "electable" so took a backseat as no 2 for years. Finally he got the chance and guess what? It all when belly up.

But you know I have no sympathy for him. Yes people are plotting against him but then his mates have been doing that for years. He always seemed to go missing when something important came up. Iraq? I'm off to see the Dentist Tony.

Brown likes to complicate, he loves to announce the same initiative 402 times and then wonders why he is not trusted. And he is indecisive. You could imagine him last year pulling petals off a flower to decide wwhether to call the election last year.

"election, no election, election, no elction.... aw no election"

So Gordon some advice. Don't go for gimmicky headlines. Cutting basic rate tax to 20p and then finding that the abolition of the 10p rate means the poorest are worse off is not just daft its criminal. Surely you modelled this. Be straight, don't say this will be for all pensioners when its not.

Maybe you can't be held responsible for the global credit crunch but the above issues make you seem incompetent.

Brown has no legitimacy, contrary to popular opinion he didn't need to be elected by the "great" British public we only vote for parties folks he's not a president, but he did need to be elected leader of his party. True he would have won but it would have given him some legitimacy. Brown, alas, is not a leader. I'm not sure who is the next leader but Labour have been suckered into believing they had a successor to Blair when they didn't.

My advice would be heed the saying "Keep it simple stupid".

As it is I find Nick Clegg and Vince Cable a more credible pairing than Brown et al. And Cameron is just Blair Mk2. Brown is doomed but who the hell wants that job this side of an election.

I'll be lighter tomorrow :D

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Kate said...

I think he would have been better off staying in the background. Blair might have seemed like a lightweight in comparison, but he could step up and act like a statesman when he needed to. Brown is a poor communicator, and doesn't seem capable of running a government, or thinking through the decisions he makes. We could all see the consequences of the removal of the 10p tax rate, but he seemed surprised.