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Thursday, September 18, 2008

and a surprise for you

I had a meeting in London today, the meeting was by London Bridge railway station which just happens to be 5 minutes walk from Southwark Cathedral. So good little blogger that I am I packed the camera and after the meeting finished spent my lunch hour taking photos for you.

Southwark Cathedral was originally a priory and at the time of the dissultion of the monastries it became a parish church. The nave and tower was rebuilt by the Victorians after the original collapsed. The eastern end is restored medieval. In 1905 it was elevated to a Cathedral. Given it was originally a priory and was conceived as a "great" church it is considered to be one of 26 vintage English Cathedrals, a parish church cathedral like the ones at Chelmsford and Derby are not considered Vintage Cathedrals as the were never conceived as "great" churches.

The situation is awful and get a decent external shot is hard (my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

Local cat.

I wandered the 5 minutes up the road to take some views from the Thames.

You can see St Paul's across the river.

A red bus and you can see the Gherkin (the glass building behind the bus in the back).

You can see HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge and to the left at the back the Tower of London.

And then went back to work (my first lunch break of the week!!).


Kate said...

Who'd have thought such a lovely building would be in such grotty surroundings.

Anonymous said...

You certainly are a good blogger and these are wonderful photos of a fantastic church...thanks for posting!

oldcrow61 said...

WOW, WOW, blows my mind. Fantastic. can put those two "chairs" are they, (picture before cat)in the package as well, lol. What gorgeous stuff in that church.

Eagleseagles said...

Thats exactly where a lovely church building ought to be!
The people who live here need a beautiful building and thats part of the message of the church!

Where you are so am I.

Pete said...

C - I've no objection to the building being there but it would have been nice if it had some sort of cathedral close. but then land is expensive around there I guess.

St Paul's at least has some presence. Southwark seems like it has been shoved into a corner.