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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Up Early!

It was a lovely morning so I jumped out of bed an arrived at Amwell before 7:30.

I saw my first Little Ringed Plover of the year and there were Cuckoo's singing. Although a Nuthatch was an Amwell tick.

Anyway OC will be expecting lots of photos so....

You don't often see Gadwall on the river!


Male Reed Bunting

Male Chaffinch

Female Chaffinch

Great Tit

Blue Tit

This Swan chased a Canada Goose and the Goose eventually just flew back. Mexican stand off.

Great Tit


Jan said...

Great photos, especially love the Great Tit. Looks like you didn't get the weather London had then (neither did we, smirk, it was gorgeous here too yesterday)

Mo said...

The chaffinch photos are gorgeous - beautiful colours. Our chaffies are quite drab by comparison.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful photos all.