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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here and there

So anyway I got out! I had thought I might go to Norfolk but stayed local and did Hatfield Forest, Amwell and Rye Meads.

I didn't see anything unsual but a nice selection. For a start on the way to Hatfield I saw my first Yellowhammers of the year, I normally shoot up the motorway but today took the scenic route.

Swallows were zipping over the lake and I was surprised to find 8 Great Crested Grebes on the lake. It wasn't til I opened the pics that I noticed a little stripey headed baby hitching a ride.

Bit of a shock when you are watching Swallows to see two Herons chasing each other.

There were a few Chiffchaff's singing but then I heard the mournful song of a Willow Warbler, got a sighting of him as well. The forest had the usual suspects Green Woodies yaffling and one Great Spot really hammering away!

On to Amwell a buzzard flying over, Sedge Warblers singing on their return the usual very loud Cetti's. Got to see my first House and Sand Martin's of the year.

Reed Bunting.


Blue Tit

At Rye Meads there was a similar selction of ducks, woodland birds and migrants. Chiffchaffs singing and Sedge Warblers back in the reeds.


Redshank (the Green Sandpiper flew! ggrr!!)

Had a fly through Sparrowhawk and the Cetti's are still at Rye Mead and I managed to see one! They are noisey so and so's!

This blackbird posed on one of the seats!


Tricia said...

I can see why you missed the Hitch-hiker - it's very well hidden on Mum's back!

Island Rambles Blog said...

What on earth is tricia talking about??? I went back (it helps if I read it also!!) and sure enough there is a baby Grebe sitting on top of the Momma!!! Very nice capture of that!!

Thanks for putting the names of the birdies as I am trying to learn your bird names.