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Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Grey Day

Well its been grey and wet.

Anyway the internet wouldn't connect in my room but does in the bar. Scrabble updates will be rarish and apologies if I don't keep up to date with blogs.

I started off with a trip to see Ashmanworth church - locked !! BUT just as I was going a chap turned up with a key so

665 Ashmanworth, St James

The next target was

666 Aldworth, St Mary with its fine, if battered, collection of De La Beche tombs.

Thought Jane at urbanextension would like this.

And so to Basildon Park for a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake. Yes I know I shouldn't but hey! It was used in the 2007 film of Pride & Prejudice as Mr Bingley's Nethefield.

And so to our last church the redundant but tranquil St Thomas, East Shefford 667


oldcrow61 said...

What neat churches you have there. The tombs, if that's what they're called, absolutely fascinate me. And Bleeding hearts in bloom already! Wow! Great pictures all.

Tricia said...

That's a fascinating tree outside St. Mary's Church - is there a story attached to it?

How sad that such a pretty little church such as St. Thomas's is no longer in use.

And a claim to having seen/been on a Jane Austen set :)

Mary said...

Fabulous! (as usual) Somebody has to put the sun up in England :o/

Pete said...

Mary - the frustrating thing is that all week its been sunny!! sob!

Tricia - call me Mr Darcy - LOL

OC - important people got buried close to the altar - think they thought it meant they were closer to heaven or got better treatment at the resurrection

Carin Fuchs said...

Can I call you Fitzwilliam or do I have to call you Mr Darcy? LOL LOL

Beautiful pictures - as usual - Pete.

Jane said...

Thanks Pete. I did appreciate it. Was it a Yew? Very fragmented old thing. Liked the other pics you've had of trees in your other blog posts as well. Some lovely oaks and beeches (?) I need to get out and find some new ones myself. Thanks again. Jane