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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

It's April Fools' Day. As ever our TV and printed media have a list of hoax news stories.

One of which was that Gordon Ramsey was going to fine each customer who swore in one of his restaurants £5.

The National Trust announced that with climate change now underway, it was time for them change the oak leaf logo. It went on to say

A stranger as little as ten years ago, the Gascony fern (hilaria avrilensis), until recently most common around the region of Carcassonne, is now the fastest seeding plant in the whole of southern England and is set to cover the whole of the UK within the next decade.

To draw attention to the challenges of climate change, the Trust is to adopt the fern as its new logo – a vivid reminder that we live in a rapidly changing world.

When better to announce the change than at the beginning of a spring month, famous for its ability to innovate and pull surprises?


Toffeeapple said...

I think the 'Latin' name would have alerted some of us! LOL! I like it when august establishments have some fun!

Mary said...

The daily telegraph published an article about a rare group of flying penguins who flew down to the amazon rain forest for a summer holiday.

On the Today programme they said the RSPB were going to capture all the overwintering birds that were staying on during the summer and send them back home!

Mo said...

I love the idea of Gordon Ramsay fining people for swearing.

On Tuesday I had only been up for 2minutes and was still half asleep when the flying penguins came on the BBC. Hubby says I looked open mouthed for a couple of seconds till he reminded me of the date.