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Monday, January 07, 2008

Transported in Time if not Space

I was listening to Classic FM yesterday and was instantly transported back to my childhood. It was Sunday evening and I was getting ready for bed.

What you ask? Well the piece of Music they were playing was from the Spartacus Ballet by Aram Khachaturian. Specifically it was the part of the adagio which was used in the Onedin Line.

For those of you of an age the Onedin Line was a TV series that ran from 1971 - 1980, it was set in the nineteenth century and deals with the rise of a shipping line, the Onedin Line, named after its owner James Onedin (played by Peter Gilmore).

Given everything else is repeated on satellite these days I'm surprised this isn't.

Another thing that transports me back is when I hear Sing Something Simple as sung by the Cliff Adams singers.

Weird, bit like a mental time machine!


Jan said...

I remember Sing Some Simple, we used to listen to it at my Nan's in Lydd every Sunday when we visited her. Lots of nice memories from that era, but I thought you were younger than me Pete! This was the early 1960s ;)

Toffeeapple said...

I always hated that Sing Something Simple. It was taken off air only about two years ago. My dearly beloved would make a point of turning it up really loud, just to irritate me.

The Onedin Line was a lovely programme and the music wonderful. Makes you wonder why they keep putting on Porridge when they could bring back some of the old classics...

Tricia said...

I agree with Toffeeapple. Just too many repeats of Porridge and the Good Life.

Onedin line - bring it back! I can still smell the sea!

Toffeeapple said...

Yay Tricia, let's start a campaign!!

Pete said...

I LOVE Porridge!!

ITV 3 is quite fun. was watching Lovejoy earlier!!