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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


For a while it looked like I wouldn't be able to sort much out Monday but the hospital phoned and said that the death certificate would be available at 12:30. I made an appointment with the registrar for 2pm and the funeral director for straight after (it was a 3 minute walk). By 3:30 everything was sorted.

The funeral will be at Pardon Wood Cemetary at 2:00 Wednesday 9th January.

Dad has a few things to do today and tomorrow night we're seeing the chap taking the service. Would anyone care to name some could hymns (first lines please as the crematorum has supplied a list of hymns but given the first lines only)?

I'm safer on the entry exit music. Something like Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, Morning by Peer Gynt or Pachbel's Canon.

I've used 0.5 of my permitted 3 days sympathetic leave. The rest will be used next week. I don't think I'll be up to being here on the Thursday.


Cherrypie said...

Don't go for anything dreary.

Morning has Broken?

Or better still, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life by that famous 19th Century hymwriter, Monty Python.

My thoughts and feelings are better expressed elsewhere xx

Anonymous said...

Morning has broken is a good idea

"The King of Love my shepherd is" is a better version of the 23rd Psalm rather than the hackney The Lords my shepherd.
"Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" is a
more substantial hymn.

To hear the tunes

I think Cherry pie has it correct nowt dreary like Abide with me...cant bear it at Cup Finals or anywhere.

Toffeeapple said...

Tho only thing I can think of is 'Blessed (or Blest)be the Ties That Bind; it's in the Baptist Hymnal, at least it was 30 years ago. It has quite a good tune and isn't too dismal.

Mind you I'm with Cherrypie on the last one!