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Thursday, January 24, 2008

From Russia

If you're into art then you may, if you don't already know about it, that there is a major exhibition of Art at the Royal Academy of Art in London.

The exhibition draws from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art and the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the State Hermitage Museum and the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Over 120 paintings by Russian and French artists working between 1870 and 1925 will be displayed together in an exhibition which surveys the main directions of modern art from Realism and Impressionism to Non-Objective painting. Works will include paintings by Renoir, C├ęzanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Matisse together with those by Kandinsky, Tatlin and Malevich.

If you want to read more......

Whereas the likes of Diaghilev, Kandinsky and Chagall are well known over here (if you are in the area do go to Tudeley Church in Kent it has a complete set of Chagall glass) I believe it will feature the work of Russian artists unknown in the west.

Tickets cost £11.

To look at the Chagall glass at Tudeley


KAZ said...

I'd love to see this - but it's so expensive to travel London - I wrote about it in my previous post.

Pete said...