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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Energy has been sucked out from me

I was sitting in a meeting Monday afternoon when suddenly I just felt like the life had been sucked from me, it was all I could do to stay awake. Tuesday wasn't so bad but still this morning after a good nights sleep my eyes feel heavy.

I don't feel ill, ok not 100% but I feel fine. Is this just a reaction to the stress of the past two months or just a reaction to the fact that the weather is so depressing. Oh look its raining. AGAIN!

Well to cheer myself up I've booked some more holiday :D It seems like I'm "doing" the west country this year. Not only am I going to South Devon with Dad I've also booked a solo trip to the South West. In June I'll be staying on the Devon/Dorset borde for 2 days heading to Cornwall for 4 days and then back to the Devon/Dorset border for two Days.

I'm hoping that Abbotsbury will be open and that the bird flu scare will have safely passed.

I've stayed at both places before. The Belfy @ Yarcombe has been through changes of ownership and the Falcon Inn St Mawgan was where I stayed two years ago. It isn't the height of luxury just a pleasant rural pub. In cornwall I must visit the churches I need and maybe this time I'll get to The Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project!


Tricia said...

Hopefully today's sun will help.

Your holiday destinations look good. Heligan and Eden Project are both on my list of places to see. Look forward to some great pics in June :)

st said...

Eden project is excellent, hope you like walking.As you walk miles.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you must visit both places - they are both very nice.

Jane said...

It's a shame you aren't visiting Dorset properly. So many gorgeous churches and great wildlife. I spent the day at Arne an RSPB reserve on Studland yesterday. Great place to relax! Heligan and Eden well worth a visit... especially liked Heligan.