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Friday, December 07, 2007

a week ends

and so another day comes and goes.

I'm still feeling a bit frazzled, I'm out from 6:30am to 8pm and am tired. It doesn't help that mum is obviously not going to get better. She should be home for Christmas but...

It doesn't help that the flipping weather is awful and that I woke up at 3am and the wind kept me awake with the exception of cat naps. I suspect I'll stay local, photos of ducks and blue tits again folks :D

Not sure what I am up to tomorrow. I want to go somewhere to blow the cobwebs from my hair and take a few photos. I also need to get Shane his presents.


Diddums said...

What will you get Shane? Thundercloud (the dog I walk) loves whole unpeeled bananas, so one Christmas I got her a bunch.

Jan said...

Sorry about your mum. Can you not start work a bit later at the moment and have an extra hour in bed of a morning? Do you really need to get there that early? You'll end up making yourself ill again if you don't get enough rest.

Pete said...

Diddums - lots of doggy treats i think and a ball or frisbee.

Jan - well visiting is 6-8 dad can't get there of an evening. so i leave work at 4 drive home. eat dinner that he has made and then drive to hospital which is 15=20mins away.

good nights sleep last night woke up 15 mins ago and brought breakfast back to bed